Entry #1

Can you help me?

2017-02-05 03:44:50 by KilzarZX

I would really like to make other cool stuff, but I'm going to stop making music on my tenth song unless I'm scouted, I also really want to make other stuff, but I can't. And, I really want to make songs available on GD for everyone to use... can anyone give me tips? Websites to go to, tutorials to see, I just want to make people happy, you, myself, everyone. ~~ KZX.


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2017-02-05 15:14:30

That's a very bad attitude, my dude.. You don't ask to be scouted, you wait until that happens.. also I don't know for how long are you doing this, but do not expect to become a good producer in a month or so.. Give it time, post songs in these threads, and one day you get scouted, gl


KilzarZX responds:

I just want to be scouted...